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Good Afternoon Scrapers;

This morning I spent 3 hours at the dental college for my oral exam. I think I am done with being prodded and poked this year LOL.  Now comes the cleanings dates; approx 2 hours each. Did you know that you could get your teeth cleaned for a lot cheaper at a dental college then at your dental office. I paid 30 bucks for the exam and all the cleanings to come. Compare that to getting all this done at your dentist and I think you will be skipping all the way to your next dental appointment. I just think, you could go shopping with all the extra dough you save, or bank it.

Today we have the Number 12 Template for you to download here.

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    Jennifer said,

    I would really like to download these number templates but did you know that there is a 5+ minute wait on 4Shared. It doesn’t even help to clear the cookies any more, the wait is still too long.

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