Alive and okay


It’s Allie. Do you know me?

In mid June I was in a car accident that left me in a coma for 18 days, broke my right leg in 3 places, broke my collar-bone in two places, broke my arm in two places, broke my cheek bone and totally mashed my left foot. It has been a long recovery and I am still in therapy. Two therapies, one for my body and one for my mind. I can not drive anymore and walking is a great pain. I will never be the same and it  hurts me inside, it rips me apart. I have constant mental mood swings and although I am aware of them I can not control them. I cry a lot every day. It has taken me months to remember my children and their names and I still have trouble remembering. It was life changing for my husband. I have no memories of all of us, but I am working on it. I have these photo books that I look at with them while they tell me the stories behind them but as much as I try I don’t remember them.  The last 6 months I returned to a special school to learn how to print, read and speak. I also have therapy everyday to learn how to walk without falling over because my balance is wobbly.

Today my therapist is here to help me send you this note.

2 weeks ago and woman named Josie called me from Vancouver to say hi and she was wondering if I will be starting to write here. I don’t remember her but I have pictures. My husband told me she use to be my neighbour but moved in November to Vancouver. I don’t remember her or having this place. I looked over it and I don’t recall any of it. This lady, Josie, she explained everything to my therapist and today her and I came to look and see what it is all about.

That lady gave my therapist information on it all and she told her about this other place where the stuff you see here is. My therapist and I looked at that too.

The two of them think it is best if I just leave you the directions to the place where this stuff is and have you go there and take what ever you want.

I am sorry that I can not do this any more.

Thank you.

Here are the directions





Allie and Pam Morgan

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