My name is Allison Bourque. My friends call me Alli. I hope you will too.
I am co-owner of Clean and Simple Lines, an artistic company that retails in hybrid and digital designs.
This blog is our personal place on the web where we can share with you lots of goodies and freebies from our favorite pastime, making scrap books.

On a more personal note…
I have been married for 23+ years to the sweetest guy. Together we have a son, full-grown and living on his own.
Since we are what society calls ’empty nesters’ now, we got us a little buddy to fill our days and who is always running around on all fours somewhere in the house 🙂

I began my artistic career in kindergarten. Like most kids I loved to finger paint and make crafts. My passion to be creative has continued to be a big part of my life. I have dabbled in nearly every medium possible and I love learning more everyday.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, cooking and traveling. I rarely go out of the house with out my digital camera and I enjoy taking pictures of nature the most.

Hi. My name is Jo. I am the other half of Clean and Simple Lines.  I work with Allie in creating the  templates we will be giving you to create your scrap booking pages. I will here in the back ground, so to speak, while Allie does the majority of the online stuff.

We hope you enjoy our templates and find them useful in making your scrap books.

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