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Letters W to Z Freebies

Hello Scrapers;

I see Allie has giving you the news so I will just get right to the downloads today as I have had a busy busy day and I am exhausted.

Oh, Next week is March Break here in Canada and that means our children will be out of school. Allie and I are hoping it doesn’t rain so we can enjoy some outside fun too. We are planning daily indoor events such as going to the science Centre and such but we promise, if the cable doesn’t go out, that one of us will post the freebies every night before we head off to bed.

Here are today’s freebies, we want to get theses out of the way.

The Letters W  X  Y and Z < click on the letter to get the download.



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Template Freebies x 3

Are you wondering what happened to us? I know I was surely wondering….wondering when we were going to get our lives back.

We had a fun, adventurous and exciting vacation but it was nothing compared to what we went through for February.
We got back to houses with no utilities. No gas heat, no water, no hydro and no phone, that was just the first night. Josie same thing. Our men didn’t hesitate in getting us warmed up for the night thanks to them have generators, regulator and converters. Our home turned into a big camper for 3 weeks for all of us. Our fridge food had to be tossed, luckily we didn’t do any major shopping the week before we left.  The next day the men went about checking everything in both houses. Our water pipes that pump water into our houses didn’t make it and the city workers had to come out, a week later, to put in new ones, which was a nightmare in itself. Our community centre has showers and they allowed us to use their facilities without paying. They couldn’t turn on the gas without the power, ugh.
Some accident 5 miles away had knocked out the phone, power and cable lines and because we were on vacation and we didn’t phone in like others did, no phones?, they didn’t bother to think that our houses may have been affected too. dah. The power people were here two days later but couldn’t find where the problem was and went about for the next couple of weeks trying to figure that out. I called the phone people and they had to send someone out because our lines weren’t logging into their database for some odd reason. 2 weeks later we still had no phones working. My cell phone minutes were way over my plan minutes already. Finally they found the problem 3 weeks later. When the power finally came on, 2 and a half weeks later, we discovered the cable didn’t work either. They finally came yesterday.
The entire month of February was a nightmare but we turned it into a daydream of which we have finally woken up. Can I get an Amen….Amen

Most people may have freaked with no internet, power, water, or heat but when you have children as we do these things have no merit. We never had a dull moment, in fact we thought it was more fun then having all these luxuries at our finger tips. Mind you I didn’t feel comfortable with the cold, especially for the children, but they pulled through it all with the courage of true campers.

Josie and I kind went a little nuts when the kids were at school while the power was out because we couldn’t use our computers and had so many ideas in us that needed to get out. LOL. But we managed, minus a few hairs LOL. We were itching to create and get back in touch with the scrapping community. When the power finally came on we spent our free time getting our pictures into layouts and creating.
Yesterday, when the cable and internet was finally working there was Josie and I acting like we won the lottery, jumping for joy in the living room. The cable men thought we were nuts and were laughing at us but we didn’t care LOL we had internet.

The bonus, if one can call it that, is we don’t have to pay any utility fees for February, and the cable company even waved off the month of March. The city is going to send us some money too for the lost of power, water and gas heating and last week they gave each of use a $200.00 food voucher. I wonder if they would be willing to pay our $400.00 cell phone bills too. I’ll have to look into that.

Now we don’t want you to go away empty-handed today after reading all that so we are going to give you 3 freebies today, and tomorrow, and the next day, and so. We have to catch up 🙂

The letter V can be downloaded HERE

Overlay 22 can be downloaded HERE.

 Template 25 can be downloaded HERE.

We will join you all again tomorrow.

Thank you


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Assorted Template Freebies

Good Morning Scrapers;

We have probably landed by the time you read this mornings post. Today we are giving you a mix of templates to have fun with. Lets get started…

The last of the Numbers Templates is Number 19 which you can get HERE.

The Letter T Template HERE.

The Letter U HERE.

Overlay 20 HERE.

Overlay 21 HERE.

Template 23 HERE.

Template 24 HERE.

Thank you for the warm wishes for our trip.

Allie & Josie

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Letter S Freebie

Good Morning Scrapers;

It’s been raining on and off all day. No snow play again today. Lots of puddle jumping though LOL

That is fantastic Nana. I hope you two will meet up and enjoy a day together.

Have no fear Laser, today we bring you the Letter S which you can download HERE.

Thank you


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Letter R Template Freebie

Good Morning Scrapers;

It’s been snowing heaps on and off since yesterday afternoon, yeah. The way it has been looking I thought we were  going to have the brownish winter ever. Texas must have decided to share LOL Our street will be lined with snow people before the sun goes down 🙂

Nana, I didn’t even think it snowed in Texas, being so close to the equator I thought it was too hot a climate. Think this has something to do with the world’s climate being a bit messed up? It’s appears to be becoming more noticeable.

Today we have Letter R for you HERE.


Thank you


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Number 16 – Letter Q Freebies

Good Afternoon Scrapers;

Hello and thank you to our commenters. It is a delight to read your wonderful words. We wish you all a safe a joyous season.

It’s a winter wonderland outside, its beautiful, we hope it stays or more comes for Christmas. The children have started to make their snow people 🙂

Today we have two more freebies for you.

First up, sweet Number 16, which you can download here.

And the Letter Q, which you can download here.

It is the last day of school for our children and the school is having a big year end party for all kids and parents at 1 pm.

Thank you to all


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Number 15 – Letter P Freebies

Oh Happy Day to All;

We finally have internet, Yahoo. Our area had quite the snow storm Monday and Tuesday and out of all that we ended up with about 2 inches of snow on the ground.

There will be two freebies today and two tomorrow, hopefully.

First up is Number 15 which you can download here.

Secondly, the Letter P which you can download here.

Thank you


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