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Good Morning Digi Folks;

I spoke to Jose this morning in regards to her doing the double digital numbers and I told her about your request Laser. She had a laugh. ‘Just the number 14’, she said, ‘I could do that for Laser but it would be rather odd doing just the single double digit. I’ll do them all, but give me some time to get started.’

So next week we will be offering you the double digits in conjuction with our other offerings.

We would also like to say hello and welcome to our commenters. Thank you for coming back and joining us.

Today we start off with template number 10 which you can download here.

Have a splendid day.

Thank you



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    Laser said,

    I certainly will welcome all the double digit templates. I just asked for the one so I could see how it would be done. I have 2 teenage grandchildren so wanted to do a couple of layouts for them. I think other milestones such as 25, 50 etc for Anniversaries, 16, 21 and 40 come to mind for birthdays.

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